About Bumma Unitek.

Bumma Unitek will continue to strive towards the global stage through innovation and a spirit of challenge.

Bumma Unitek, the world’s best company with dreams and a future

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    Bumma Unitek Inc

  • Address

    11, Hwajeonsandan 5-ro 84beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
    TEL:051-831-9877~9, FAX:051-831-5610(1F), 9610(2F)

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  • Date of Establishment

    November 2001

  • Factory Site

    1,500 py of land (1,250 py of manufacturing facilities, 500 py of ancillary facilities)



The Bumma Unitek symbol contains the dynamic meaning of expanding into the world and space indefinitely. The entire shape of the symbol symbolizes the universe, a figure of infinite growth, and the dynamic image of the spiral expresses the willingness to lead innovation internally and expand and develop the company externally by opening up the start and the finish. The middle of the ellipse contains our company name "BUMMA" in English, and it has been expressed in a way that demonstrates our focus on technology and our image as a modern high-tech company.

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Management Organizational Chart

부산광역시 강서구 화전산단5로 84번길 11 (화전동)

Tel . 051-831-9877

Fax . 051-831-5610