About Bumma Unitek.

Bumma Unitek will continue to strive towards the global stage through innovation and a spirit of challenge.

Manufacturing Division

- Forging Business

  • Ball Stud

    • Ball Stud, a component of the ball joint that acts as the center point for the steering knuckle to rotate when the steering wheel (handle) is rotated.
  • Taper Roller

    • Roller for the taper roller bearing with high load capacity because it can be subjected to both longitudinal and axial loads in one direction.

Processing Business

  • Ball Stud

    • Ball stud processing used in the chassis, steering system, suspension system, and the driving system of automobiles
    • Material: SCM440, SCM435, SCR440, SCR435, S45C, SUJ2
    • Ball Stud Diameter: ∮10~∮36
    • Post-processing: Q/T heat treatment, high-frequency heat treatment, carburization, plating, GEOMET
  • Processing for Other Parts

    • Development and mass production of automobile engine parts
    • Development and mass production of hydraulic and pneumatic parts
    • Development and mass production of electrical components
    • Other industrial parts

Automation Division

  • Hub bearing automatic inspection system

    • Hub bearing PPG inspector
      - inner, outer, hub inspection
    • Hub bearing dimension inspection
      - Inspection of inner, outer, hub, axial trajectory, and dimensions
    • Hub bearing run-out measurement device
    • Hub bearing TAP inspection device
    • Taper roller dimension meter and exterior inspection device
      - world's first T/R in-line dimension and exterior inspection device
  • Wind bearing assembly and inspection system

    • Bearing acoustic inspection device
    • Bearing acoustic torque inspection device
    • Bearing internal diameter shape tester
    • Bearing air leak inspection device
    • Bearing rotation inspection device
    • Wind bearing matching M/C
    • Post-processor for wind bearing
    • Calibrator for wind bearing
  • Dedicated equipment and inspection system

    • Automatic turning machine for motor shaft
    • Manual turning machine for motor shaft
    • Hub bearing torque and drag tester
    • Hub bearing durability tester

Technical Research Center

  • Development of in-line external inspection device for taper rollers

    • In-line external inspection and dimensional inspection system applied for the first time in the world
    • High-speed inspection, 120 inspections made per minute.
    • Accurate grade classification with measurement test of 0.1㎛ units
  • Development of automatic transmission mission clutch for 90KW tractors

    • Successful development of clutch for unauthorized transmission of large tractors for the first time in Korea
    • RS-KORAS-KIMM-180 (2016)_Performance test completed in accordance with the specification of the hydraulic unauthorized transmission for tractors
    • Completion of a 10-year life expectancy test in accordance with Barringer & Associates, Inc., Weibull DB
  • Development of bearing ball exterior inspection device using optical fiber

    • More compact equipment size through photofluorography using fiber optic modules
    • High-speed exterior inspection of more than 150 items per minute can be performed using a line scan camera
    • Steel ball size classifier with ±0.05 mm precision
    • External inspection of steel balls of various sizes through order made

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