Bumma Unitek will continue to strive towards the global stage through innovation and a spirit of challenge.

Forging Business

Cold Forging Products

  • Automobile ball studs, engine parts
  • Balls, taper rollers, and pins of various bearings
  • Various other bolts and industrial cold forging products

Processing Business

Forging- Integrated processing production system (QCD Competitive)
System implemented for production of various products of small quantity
  • Tools and jigs required for processing designed and produced at the company
  • Design and production of loading, measurement, and inspection system at the company
  • Product quality reliability is achieved through introduction of a precision vision system (VICIBITION, KEYENCE)
  • 1 Ball Stud
    • Ball stud processing used in the chassis, steering system, suspension system, and the driving system of automobiles
    • Material: SCM440, SCM435, SCR440, SCR435, S45C, SUJ2
    • Ball Stud Diameter: ∮10~∮36
    • Post-processing: Q/T heat treatment, high-frequency heat treatment, carburization, plating, GEOMET
  • 2 Processing for Other Parts
    • Development and mass production of automobile engine parts
    • Development and mass production of hydraulic and pneumatic parts
    • Development and mass production of electrical components
    • Other industrial parts

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